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I’m at home almost every night with my family.  

I know all the pilots, Flight attendants and line crew.

We are like family. 




Minimum requirements:
  • English proficient
  • U.S. citizen or right to work in the U.S.
  • ATP or R-ATP minimum flight time
  • Possess an FAA first class medical
  • Have a valid passport
  • Hold an FCC radio license
  • Bachelor degree preferred but not required


To qualify to apply as a DIRECT ENTRY CAPTAIN, you must also have 1,000 of Part 121 experience. Part 135 time can qualify as experience if an ATP was required for that operation.
We are also hiring HIGH TIME FIRST OFFICERS with 600+ hours of above-mentioned experience.  


Did someone say BONUSES?

17,000 SIGN ON BONUS (for all pilots)

  • $4,250 upon successful completion of IOE
  • $2,550 on your first-year anniversary
  • $3,400 on your second-year anniversary
  • $6,800 on your third-year anniversary

High Season Bonus

  • $4,500 for all line pilots and pilots who join Silver before 31JAN
  • $2,250 for pilots that join Silver between 31JAN - 31AUG
  • Paid at the end of September
  • Coming September 2024, increases to $5,000

Captain Bonuses

  • $10,000 after completing 6 months of active service
  • $4,000 quarterly retention bonus for AFW-based captains
  • $3,000 quarterly retention bonus for FLL/TPA/SJU-based captains
  • $30,000 lump sum retention bonus after 24 months of service
  • $40,000 lump sum retention bonus after 60 months of service